Restoring a natural balance

to your mind, body & soul creates clarity, peace and security. It is from this natural and balanced state that movement, transitions and healing occur.  And when you connect with your soul…when you tap into that inner wisdom…

Life is easier.
My unique sessions

blend Reiki, Hypnosis, intuition and elements of other modalities to help you find balance, clear away that which no longer serves you, tap into your inner wisdom and find alignment with your soul’s voice.

Behaviors and belief systems run deep so, it’s not uncommon for a client to come to me for one issue and discover there are other drivers. I ask that you come to your session ready for change and open to looking at what comes up.

Since I am best able to help you by connecting with you energetically before recommending a session plan, your first visit will be an assessment and will include an energy healing session. Based on your session and what I receive, I’ll make a recommendation and we’ll go from there.

Many of my plans include a bonus online course which provides you with practical tools and support that you can use at home. As you continue to practice and incorporate these tools into your daily life, you will find your balance, guidance and connection are invaluable in charting a life that feeds your soul.

Get excited to feel better, brighter, more connected and secure.

You are your own guide

you just may not know it or trust it yet. Inner wisdom is a natural born gift many haven’t unwrapped yet ~ and when you tap into it,  you have access to more answers, you are more connected, and you feel more hopeful.

Inspired guidance is there,
I help you cultivate it.

You’ll more clearly hear your intuition and tap into your soul’s insight so you can access the lessons for expansion and move beyond what’s holding you back. When you live in alignment with your soul, new opportunities and paths emerge, and you are open to other ways of achieving how you want to feel in your life. And feeling good, that’s what it’s all about.

What my clients are saying

“This Rumi quote sums up how I felt after last night’s INTRO workshop with Jeanine. When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~Rumi    It was great to spend time with some friends in a supportive, welcoming environment where new connections could be made! – Angie

“I want to thank you for helping me. I felt so great after our (hypnosis) session on Thursday. I didn’t have to take any of my supplements for anxiety that day, usually I take about 6 a day. I’m feeling better. I cant wait to book my next session.”  – Cassandra A.

“I have had Reiki before but the sessions with Jeanine are different, she hits all the general Reiki hand positions but she has a different technique…she just moves with the energy. It’s really very powerful, you’ll just have to see for yourself.” –  Sandra P.

“I have been feeling disconnected and lost lately so a friend referred me to Jeanine. I was hoping to find some clarity and direction but I didn’t even really know what to ask for. Her energy work was amazing. I had never tried Reiki before and it was really incredibly, I will be coming regularly. Then we started working on helping me define “goals that feed the soul” and…wow. I really never looked at life that way before. It’s so simple, yet so intense. I’m finally defining not just what it is I want and why but how i want to FEEL! It’s really a different take on things.” – Carrie D.

“I felt great after the session. I felt very relaxed and more tolerant in lots of ways… I’m still absolutely mind blown at what I experienced during the session, and would definitely like to have maintenance sessions…” – Vari S.

“I am forever changed after just three sessions. The journeys Jeanine took me on I will never forget. She has given me tools and images that I will always use in the future. Thank You Jeanine.” – Heather W.

“Jeanine changed my life! I was working a dead end job and depressed about where my future was going. I called Jeanine in an emergency conversation she was completely attentive and concerned.  The session was so relaxing and soothing. Two days after my session, I quit my job and started up my own business! Jeanine is truly a miracle worker and completely sincere in her work!” – Valerie C.

“Wow. I had no idea I had all of this joy in me. I went to see Jeanine for help with general life choices. But what I tapped into was so much more. I feel like we are really getting to the stuff underneath my stuff. I have such a wonderful feeling and a knowing that I’m not alone.”– Becky C.

“The physical and mental relaxation I experienced was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I went in a 10 on the stress scale and now…I’m so refreshed, relaxed and I’m seeing things so much more clearly.” – Terry T.