Meet Jeanine

A Different Kind of Healer

Jeanine uses her intuition, Reiki energy healing, hypnosis, and other modalities to deliver energy healing and to help people realize their own connection with their higher Selves and find energetic balance.

Through her story, tools and techniques she empowers others to trust their inner guidance system.

Her sessions, workshops, retreats and programs are infused with her own personal style and spiritual straight talk. 

A Boston-born, Arizona-based speaker, author, and intuitive energetic healer, Jeanine is passionate about teaching women (and men) to ditch external expectations and pressures and to live more fulfilled lives by tapping into their inner wisdom and finding balance and joy, even in the midst of chaos.

Jeanine is the creator of the 7 Step Soul-Centered ProcessTM, a cutting edge path to creating a balanced life guided by intuition and connected to the Universe, and Align AcademyTM, a learning platform that teaches individuals to lead lives through Soul-Centered Navigation. Jeanine’s own story of navigating change and loss has led her to advocate for a balanced approach to living which lies in between our connections to the physical and the nonphysical. 

Her book, When Sh*t Goes Sideways, shares her stories of choosing joy in the midst of chaos and is available on Amazon. Jeanine has been featured in the BROKENHEARTED and Post-Partum Diaries podcasts discussing life change, child loss and finding your way back home.