My book

When Sh*t Goes Sideways

By Jeanine Tripodi | Certified Consulting Hypnotist | Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

A manifesto for Soul-Centered Navigation for Life.

I am so excited to get this out into the world. I didn’t just decide one day to write this book – the events and circumstances in my life begged for it. You see I’ve got some serious ‘street cred’ when it comes to Sh*t Going Sideways – but I always find the light. Read on, I’ll explain.

I help women (and men) choose joy through Soul-Centered navigation.

It was out of my own deep personal loss and challenges that I developed the secrets to survive life change and loss so that those navigating life when sh*t goes sideways would remember their inner guidance system, trust their connection to the Universe, and find joy within the chaos. This book dives into my 7-Step Soul-Centered ProcessTM.

In this book I set out to bring you into my world while helping you shine your light on your own. I’ve naturally been one to find the cracks of light, even in the darkness. Sure, it has not always been in the exact moment when life feels like its crumbling, but it happens somewhere along the path back home.

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