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On Being You (and how my insta post lit some angry torches)

be YOU to some means “buck the system at all costs, break the chains!” (insert clenched fists and furrowed brow), to others it means means “fight, fight, F-everyone and
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What is Reiki?

I love it when people try Reiki for the first time. Well, I love it when people have Reiki anytime, but it’s always exciting to see and hear about
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My Octopus and your spirit guides

You probably know by now that the Octopus is one of my symbols or signs that I have asked my guides to show me when I have questions. Over
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I doubted it too, how could this be real?

I was skeptical too. I questioned everything about what I felt when I tried Reiki for the first time. Well, wait, that’s not entirely true – let me rewind. I
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Asking for signs

Signs from our guides come in many different ways. I was paddling this morning and reflecting on some projects I want to start and asked my guides for some
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Letting go

This morning my 8 year old son complained of ear pain. He should really go out for theatre. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mock his pain he’s just
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Setting a daily intention will rock your world

There are all different ways to journal! ? my kids have a different approach than I do. Some days I’ll write a bunch and other days – in fact
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Be your own hero.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to remember that you have the answers. Sure, sometimes it helps to hash things out with a
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Deliberate Gratitude Challenge

I know I have posted a bit about gratitude. But it really can change your world. Before I get to it… If you aren’t connected to my FACEBOOK PAGE
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The Attitude of Gratitude

The best time to focus on gratitude is when you aren’t feeing any. Those days or moments when anger or resentment or frustration or overwhelm start to mount. That
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Demystify Intuition

It is time. Too many people feel they need to seek out answers from somebody else, someone who is “special” or “connected”. One of my goals with soul is
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Listen to your intuition even if you don’t like what’s it saying.

Listening to your intuition isn’t always about getting what you want! I’ll explain:
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Don’t Think. FEEL.

Don’t Think It, Feel it The bone I have with New year’s Resolutions is that we THINK of a list of resolutions that we think we want in the
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Read that one  a few times and let it really SINK IN. I am all-in when in comes to elevating my mood with gratitude (oooh expect a meme on
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