More About Me

I’m a soul searching, Energy Heavy. I thrive on it. I’m connected with it. Because I know that this invisible, palpable energy is what connects us all to each other and to ourselves. We are infinite and we are in constant motion and transition.

I love going deep, fast.  Small talk is my kryptonite. In a room full of strangers I’m scanning for vibrations, seeking out the ones who emote. Those deep soul connections, the anchor me. They fill me.

I believe the purpose of life is to experience joy. Pure, in the present moment joy. And I think we get there through our own inner compass, through relationships and through nature. We’re here to guide each other…to find more.

I believe the Universe conspires for us ~
but that doesn’t mean we get
to skip out on the pain.

As a child I used to stretch an invisible ball between my hands like it was taffy – feeling the outer limits of the sphere and it’s gentle resistance. I didn’t know why I could feel it or really what it was, but I knew it was real and as I played with the energy I understood my spiritual world.

My intuition and my connection were strong and natural but things like that weren’t talked about much, so I often kept my experiences to myself. I spent many years shutting down my connection as I focused on the physical and practical.

While I maintained my inner compass, it often took multiple hits from the Universe for me to accept messages. That all changed when my son died 11 years ago. That day in the hospital I had a connection ~ so clear and so loud I couldn’t deny it or doubt it.

It was during that season, deep in my grief that I was introduced to Reiki. And through energy work the darkness cracked open and the light seeped in. And at a time when everything was peeled away I saw what truly mattered in life, I reconnected with the ‘me’ I’ve always been.

When my world was dark, I often asked myself “what is the purpose of life?” And every time…even before I could finish my question, I would hear “Joy”. I believe it’s our job to live in joy, help others find joy and spread the love.

I became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher.

My practice has grown and after many years, I no longer try to present myself as a soft-spoken, traditional healer.  I don’t even like to use the word “healer” because the truth is – we are all our own healers. Sometimes we just need some guidance.

I never push people; we are all where we are for a reason and all we can do is offer each other a nudge. But I don’t tamp my inner fire because I know that when I grab onto life and dive into ideas my journey is clear, my hope is high and my internal compass is sharp. It’s how I roll.

When I’m not seeing clients

I am working on my next book, hiking, rock climbing, and enjoying the sun and beautiful palm trees outside of Phoenix, Arizona, with my family and my dog, Marvin.

I’m not a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. I am an Usui/Tibetan Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I do not diagnose any conditions. I also encourage my grief clients to also seek local and online support groups, and professional grief counselors.